What is agile working?

Agile working is a concept which encourages more staff productivity. Flexibility is key. Applying flexibility to the choice of staff, their workspace, their expertise and their tools so they can make good decisions that improve performance. (It's not about rigid working practices that stifle creativity).

Improvements are achieved through the delivery of a high quality, optimised work environment and flexible office procedures so that adaptation to change can occur. This empowers staff and encourages them to feel more motivated at work (with the added benefit that this also helps the business to grow).

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Why is agile working important?

Consider these two extremes:

Team A is engaged: They are given the autonomy to generate ideas and contribute to the success of their department and the business.

Team B is demotivated: They feel disengaged, unappreciated and unable to fulfil their potential. Agile working can be the route for smarter working that enables team B to develop into team A.

To be ‘agile’ means to; leap, develop, deliver, be flexible, and be alert. By now you should know that your employees are the best asset of your company so by allowing them access to a workspace that is engaging, inspiring and exciting, you are rewarding their hard work and giving them a reason to want to learn more and discover new ideas.
It isn't just about making an office look pretty, it is about giving your employees the tools they need to deliver to their strengths and drive results.
By implementing an agile workspace you are giving your staff and your company the power to evolve and adapt.

 The Benefits

To employers:

- Reduction in real estate portfolios
- Reducing in running costs
- Reduced absenteeism
- Reduced attrition
- Improvement in business productivity/agility.

To employees:

- Improved wellbeing
- Sense of personal achievement / improved productivity
- Better work/life balance
- Increase in friendship groups
- Improved morale across the organisation.


What does an agile workspace look like?

It’s agile…it can be anything you want it to be.

Typically it includes mixed-use spaces (zones) that allow for focus, collaboration, social and learning/meeting. But to make an agile workspace work properly there must first be an in-depth workplace assessment to evaluate the office space (size, uses etc), the business (the workflow, working practices etc) and the people (what they do and where and how they move around). After the assessment, the consultancy team’s observations are presented to you and fed into the interior design team. They build a tailored design solution matched to the specific needs of your business. Finally, you can work with the design team to specify finishes to your workspace that work best for you and your team.

How do I know agile is right for my business?

When you look around the office, what do you see?
- Dark and dingy areas
- Clutter
- Staff who are tired
- Staff who are ill
- Staff who are finding it hard to concentrate
- Lifelessness
- Silos that prevent communication.

Does the following sound all too familiar?
- Staff are complaining about the quality of the toilet and kitchen facilities
- Your brand has been described as outdated and bland
- Staff are struggling to balance their work and home life
- You're are finding it hard to recruit and retain staff
- Staff say they don't feel motivated or part of a team.

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 How do I go about getting an agile workspace?

Contact us. We’ll discuss agile working with you and what it could mean for you and your business.

Our team will come and visit you for a free initial consultation to understand more about your business, how your space is currently being used, and what your staff want and need from the space. We typically find that the benefits of moving to an agile way of working are significant, with improvements commonly being reported across productivity gains, better talent attraction and retention, improved staff engagement, and a reduction in sick days.


 Feedback from our last Agile event...

"The agile working seminar held by Rhino was an inspirational eye opener...

...the agile working seminar held by Rhino was an inspirational eye opener for a positive movement forward for any company. Before the event, although having heard about agile working, I never knew the impact it had on a working environment and this was portrayed in statistics given. For our company, we are seriously considering the investment to stimulate and empower our work force with this new approach. We feel the seminar was a success, went very well, and the hospitality was excellent too.”


"We also need to think about the requirements of our ever changing workforce...

...the agile working seminar delivered
by Rhino Interiors Group was very thought provoking. Our business is built on tried and tested processes in order to provide a quality product for our customers and so we realise that to continue to deliver a great service we also need to think about the requirements of our ever changing workforce. With this in mind we will most certainly be thinking about how best to design an office space that caters for the needs of our employees as we
move into 2017.”


"The information presented was succinct, interesting and definitely useful...

... the Agile Working event led by Rhino was a bite-size introduction to the concepts, drivers & benefits of agile working, whilst giving attendees the opportunity to consider wider factors such as impact on service delivery, on work force, on effective & efficient costings etc. Information presented was succinct, interesting and useful with welcome the opportunity to ask questions. Given the current times of austerity, it was useful to consider the changes & transformations that agile working might promote in any workplace.”

Birmingham City Council



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